About RA Hotels


Ra Hotel’s manifestation of its brand new property in Manali; The Himalayan Paradise. Centered in the echoes of the energetic river Beas sweeping by an apple orchid back garden among the solitude of dignified snow capped mountains in all directions. Ra Hotel is nestled in an isolated haven ideal for a warm retreat yet closely approachable from the city center (1.5km). Offering a 2-Star Luxury experience coped with 5-Star services. Situated at an altitude of 2,050m (6726 ft). Put in harmony with the lush pines and deodar forest around. The natural beauty surrounding the hotel has made it a destination for all kinds of travellers. Times change but our inclination to perfecting the travel experience never will. With highly personalized 24-hour service desk, combined with natural beauty, expresses a home away from home for those who know how to appreciate the best at marginal prices. As the company’s roots grow deeper in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, our deeply inspired service culture reflected by our employees continues to get strengthened. Giving way to reliability, trust and connection with our guests. A connection we will faithfully sustain, now and always.



About Manali


Legend has it that Sage Manu, the first King of the Earth, was saved by Lord Vishnu from the universal flood. As the waters subsided Manu’s ark came to rest on a hillside. A place of breath-taking natural beauty emerged as the flood dried. Manu took refuge here and the place was named “Manali” after him. It is only appropriate that life is said to have began again in this Himalayan Paradise. Today this legendary cradle of all human kind is a prime holiday destination. Rediscover your connection to nature, and be reborn and refreshed in this garden of peace. We welcome you to rediscover your innermost serenity, be enlivened with the vibrations of pure life and revive the adventurous splendor of the mystery that subsists within and without.


Service Culture


Here at Ra Hotel, we are dedicated to offering nothing but the best. With a deeply inculcated ethic of providing personalized

service, we aim to create an atmosphere of the finest comforts with a touch of simplicity. Strongly rooted in our commitment to the individual- be it guests, staff or business associates, having all our interactions with dignifying clarity. Our objective is to provide service that comes directly from our heart. Our key approach is making the environment on the outside apt for recognizing the inner. Establishing a relation with oneself in the midst of utmost comforts. Meaning to work together towards acknowledging every guests’ individuality.